(Mostly) Relevant Videos

  • Target Modeless Fashion Show

    I helped create this first of its kind holographic fashion show for Target.

  • Great First Job

    A future Creative Director gets his first taste of managing an audience. (Skip to 1:14)

  • Random Baby Owl Video

    Go ahead. Click on this. I’ll know.

Hi. I’m Eric. Welcome to my shop.

I am a creative professional who wears a lot of different hats, performs a lot of different services, and serves clients in a wide range of industries. I’m a Content Marketer and a Copywriter. A Creative Director and Speechwriter. I make films and videos, manage social media, and can buoy your brand or help you build a brand presence from scratch.

Please have a look around. Check out my services, skim my blog, and connect with me via the social media links.

And, of course, if there is anything I can do for you – just give me a call.

-Eric Scott Olson