• Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Whether it is a well-curated news feed, a thoughtful cadence of blog posts, or a white-paper and press release calendar that targets your audience, content marketing is a great way to deliver marketers’ long sought holy grail.

    Content marketing “pulls” and audience to your message rather than pushing it upon them. This was the promise of “experiential” marketing, but that form can offer too few touch points and deliver them too far apart. In order to truly establish your brand, claim an authority position in your space, and remain a consistent and compelling voice, a well planned and executed content marketing strategy is the best way to engage and hold your ideal audience.

    I have created  thought leadership programs from scratch, utilizing all available channels – paid and free media, social media, digital publication, live appearances, PR, and direct marketing – in order to get companies’ messages to audiences that find the ideas not only interesting, but useful.

    No matter what level of content marketing program you are considering, I would love the chance to talk with you about how we can leverage your expertise and point of view to draw a faithful audience that always thinks of you first.

    Click here to see a website that showcases the thought leadership program I infused into the communication strategy for a start up asset management company.


  • Live Events Creative

    Live Events Creative

    I’ve been Creative Directing live events for more than a dozen years. I have created large-scale, high production shows for arenas filled with thousands. I have created more intimate, interactive environments for audiences measured in dozens. And I have done everything in between.

    The best events are not dependent on size or (they’ll kill me for saying this) budget. In my experience, the most successful shows have clear objectives, an agreed-upon tone, the license to break norms and surprise an audience, and a creative thread that is consistent and woven throughout the entire event.

    I have enjoyed long-term client relationships with outstanding companies such as Dell, Target, Pizza Hut, and Upsher-Smith Laboratories. Their shows differ vastly in terms of scale and message, budget and tone. What is universal, though, is the need for a faithful extension of the company’s brand delivered in compelling ways that delight audiences.

    This is my specialty. And no matter the size of your production, you can expect creative that is never off-the-shelf, always brand right, and has enough “wow” to make the event memorable and meaningful for everyone in attendance.

  • Film & Video

    Film & Video

    Conceptualizing, writing, and directing award-winning video has long been my bread and butter. I’ve been doing it since high school, majored in film & television at Northwestern University, and began my career at one of Chicago’s premiere production houses. I even spent a few years as a writer in the daytime talkshow wars of the 1990’s. (Sometimes, late in the production day, I can be cajoled into letting slip a few juicy stories.)

    If you have a need for a video and have only an objective and a blank page, I can take it from there. From reverent history videos, to tribute videos that pull at the heart strings, to parody videos that disarm an audience through quirky humor, I have had the good fortune to serve a great many outstanding organizations including several Fortune 500 companies.

    My past video clients include Target, Best Buy, Dell, Payless, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pizza Hut, and Medtronic.


  • Brand Strategy

    Brand Strategy

    As a creative professional who has worked for some of the most iconic brands in existence today, I have become keenly aware of the fundamental importance of proper brand strategy and proper brand stewardship.

    Whether you are looking to build a brand from the ground up, are rebranding an existing entity, or looking to evolve your brand to the next level— we should talk.

    I can help create a combination of words, graphics, mood, message, and tone that will serve as your platform for communication both internally and externally.


  • Speechwriting


    Writing speeches for top executives is perhaps one of the hardest things I am asked to do. It is also one of my favorites. I have written speeches for executives at Target, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Cargill, as well as many smaller companies. What I have learned is that when you are tasked with putting words in a VIP’s mouth — you simply cannot fake it.

    Understanding message objectives, the mood of the audience, the brand, and the industry? These are all baseline, necessary considerations.

    The highest praise I receive is when an executive at a review looks up from the words I’ve written and says, “This sounds just like me!” Capturing the voice of my client is something that comes naturally to me. And I would relish the chance to write or punch up a speech for your next speaking engagement.