You Deserve To Be Uncomfortable

Perhaps the single greatest draw of the wild is the chance to reconnect with the self in a more accurate evolutionary context. Technology, invention, and the shortcuts they bring have far outpaced the rate of evolution of the human animal. The human experience for much of the world is one of comfort, minimal exertion, and constant connectivity. The human animal, by contrast, has not lost its primal urge to gather, explore, and work to ensure survival. Well-intentioned and clever minds have stripped us of the pursuits that give us the most essential satisfaction.
Personal comfort is an industry, a movement, a philosophy, and driving motivator in modern society. It is also an illusion, an utter contradiction to the true human nature. Modern human beings work towards comfort with great vigor, failing to see that it is the more uncomfortable pursuit – not the attainment of comfort – that quells the primordial callings too few of us strain to hear.
Embrace discomfort. Savor it. Search for it. Comfort should not be seen as the goal of life, but rather recognized as the suspension of truly “living.” You deserve to be uncomfortable.