Distrust Your Gut

Your inner voice is suspect. If a stranger with no prior experience of the situation before you suggests a course of action, you would be quick to deflect their advice as baseless.  You would consider this stranger to be meddling, even arrogant, for suggesting that they know what is right for you without ever having been in your shoes.  Consider the childless coworker who offers bits of “insight” or “pearls of wisdom” in regards to the right way to regard and rear your children.  You would be dismissive, perhaps annoyed, rightly brushing off their proffered wisdom by immediately asking yourself, “Well how would they know?”

Yet, when it comes to the inner voice, we suspend this sort of skepticism.  Facing a situation and choosing a course in the absence of knowledge, sufficient evidence, or experience – with only one’s “gut” as a guide is folly on asphalt and potentially lethal in the wild. Intuition carries no credentials, and therefore should be afforded no more esteem than a perfect stranger.

Instead of heeding your phantom urgings, enter the unknown with caution and accept your naivete. The cure for ignorance is learning.  For inexperience, research. Make your reaction to the unknown one of dutiful study. Your gut feeling is accountable to no one and abandon you without apology.